Album Review: Trivium- Vengance Falls

Posted: 23rd October 2013 by That Metal Fan in Album Review
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Let me start this off by saying I DO NOT want to get into a sub-genre war with anyone. I am highly against the division of metalheads over where any paticular band belongs when catagorizing them. Now, this week’s album review is Trivium’s latest release, “Vengance Falls” . As you may or may not know, hard rock legend David Draiman (Vox; Disturbed, Device), produced this album. The match up of him with a thrash/metal-core/whatever you wanna call it metal band, struck me as odd but I believe David has an ear for good music and trusted him to do the new album justice. I was not disappointed. From the hard hitting drums to the complex guitar structures and even the vocal tracks were solidly put together during post production. I would have preferred for some parts to be heavier and not so reserved but that’s just my inner metalhead being selfish. the album demands your full attention from the first note to the end track and has a very end of the world type of vibe. (At least for me). I believe however that the tracks will only be done true justice at the live shows. Sitting in your car or living room you don’t get that energy to destroy everything in your path like I’m sure you will get from the live show. (Which I will be attending and reviewing). Great riff’s, awesome beats. great heavy metal album. 4/5 horns and worth the $11.99 (USD) at Best Buy.


Track Listing

1. Brave This Storm- Cool Into

2.Vengance Falls- Sets the mood for the album

3.Strife- BAD ASS dual guitar riffs.

4.No Way To Heal- Awesomely nasty thrash feel

5.To Believe- BAD ASS Beat

6.At The End Of This War- A Ballad? Wait what the… \m/

7.Through Blood And Dirt And Bone- Eh…. Kind of a let down

8.Villiany Thrives- What Metalica from the 80′s would sound like now I think.

9. Incineration: The Broken World- Start the Circle Pit!

10.Wake [The End Is Neigh]- It’s worth the minute and ahalf it takes to pick up and a good note to end on.

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